It’s time to take charge of your life and decide your own destiny.

What will we be getting up to here?
Clarifying what you want out of your life.
Finding love (yes it’s soppy but let’s be honest we all love a good cuddle)
Eliminate stress, anxiety and that negative self-talk crap.
Getting healthy and fit- repeat after me ‘I am a sexy mo’fo’
Work-life balance. (This does not mean wine in one hand, Blackberry in the other.)
Create a clear action plan and then actually do it. That second part is really important..
Make it easy, fun and always involve chocolate.

We all are the hero’s of our own story. But every hero has a story, a journey, and more often than not- a few tests along the way. Every day we face challenges, hurdles and choices on our path, every one of them holding the possibility of changing our entire story.

You know that you have a purpose, a destiny, and a cape hiding away in the cupboard (metaphorical in most cases), however certain things can get in the way of our superhero-like life- like essay deadlines, stubbing your toe and the coffee machine being out of order.

The fact of the matter is, it’s often the mundane, boring little things like bills and boyfriend trouble that take up most of our precious brain power. And it’s hard to think about changing the world when you can’t stop thinking about that one text where he sounded really grumpy…

What I’ve found in life, is that the power lies in simplicity. A simple design, clarity and most importantly: fun. You will spend about 5 minutes enjoying the feeling of reaching your goal, like running that marathon, buying those new boots or finishing that 10,000 word essay that’s been hanging over your head like an anvil for the last year. Then guess what, a new to-do list begins, more things to do, more places to go, people to see.. and there it goes- that year of blood sweat and toil- gone in a flash. This is why falling in love with the process is so important, the process will make up the majority of your life.

First things first- we need to remove the hurdles before we learn to run faster- otherwise you’re just gonna land flat on your face. Trust me, I’ve tried.

Anxiety, stress, burn out: these are the apparent cost of having it all. They are associated with the modern ‘superwoman syndrome’; needing to have the perfect job, love life, waist size and a social life the Kardashian’s would envy, all while making sure your Instagram feed reflects this adequately and that you can get your daily ‘like’ fix. Double tap this life biatch.

Now in the spirit of full disclosure, I have self-diagnosed ‘Superwoman Syndrome’, and you know what? I’m ok with that.

It’s ok to be ambitious, to want that glass of chardonnay and cheese-grate-able-on abs. to want to have a high flying career, a family and a love life that doesn’t rely on someone swiping right. (We’ve all been there).

So I want to help my fellow Superwomen (& men!) to achieve their dreams and be the hero they were born to be. I am obsessed with leaning, trying and trying again. I want to share with you my own formula for the Superwoman Success formula, starting with making your everyday something you cannot wait to wake up to.

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