One Question that will change everything.

What if one question could change your life? Take you on the shortcut to success and divert you away from years of pain, wasted time and frustration? Sounds almost too good to be true, but when I heard it- I knew this question was going to do just that.

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The Laboratory of Life

The thing is with life is no-one gives you an instruction manual. It was like the first time I was in the labs at University- a table full of strange alien looking equipment and a bunch of ingredients and compounds, half of which I couldn’t even pronounce the name of. I felt totally overwhelmed, idiotic […]

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  Walking through the scattered auburn leaves I stare down at my feet as they move through the golden carpet autumn has laid. I’ve put my gloves on for the first time in a long time, and couldn’t be more grateful for the coat I’m pulling closer around me. As this new season starts, I […]

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